Jan 202011
7 Ways to Get Backlinks and increase your Search Engine Rank

Check Out these 7 Great ways to get Backlinks, increase your Search Engine Rank, and get traffic! So you’ve set up a site and you want some traffic. Better yet, you want some FREE traffic. Getting backlinks is the internet marketer’s equivalent to having a squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease-having-a-toddler-type-temper-tantrum so Google pays attention to you. Social Media Marketing involves getting backlinks to rank your website. eMarketing is a war that must be fought on many fronts. Blog marketing strategies, eCommerce marketing strategies, internet marketing strategies, etc. all must be wary of the weight that Google places on backlinks and their importance in affecting [Read More…]

Jan 142011
A guide to backlinks or is it back links? What you and Paul McCartney need to know!

A Learner’s guide to Backlinks: Everything you need to know to understand the importance of Back Links When it comes to marketing your blog or website, there is no way to get around the importance of SEO backlinks. The easiest way to think about a back link is that it is like an endorsement for your website. The Google tarantula is a lazy spider. To save itself work, it would be happy to classify your site as “A-Okay” as long as some other people out there in cyberspace think your not a total hack (and link to you!) A quality [Read More…]

Jan 122011
3 Killer eCommerce tips to boost your bottom line

This is one of my first posts where I’m writing more in my element. Having worked 5 years managing a successful eCommerce operation generating $1.3 Million in annual sales, I picked up a few tricks. The 3 tips below are some things that now feel obvious, but I remember how it was when I first started. I didn’t know ANYTHING. I was constantly thinking of new ideas, researching competitor sites, trying out new things, etc. These are 3 ecommerce tips I came across that made a real difference in sales. If you are just starting out (or already running an [Read More…]

Jan 102011
2011 SEO: Examining the effect of SPAM on search results and the Rise of Blekko

So I’ve been reading a lot lately on the state of the internet and SEO marketing. This post will shed some light on what is currently going on. As many of you reading this may know, Niche site marketing is one popular way to make money online. The basic idea is you use keyword research to find a relatively competition-free area of the web (at least the Google web) and create a niche site. You populate the niche site with some affiliate products, then go to work on marketing the hell out of it. This generally means getting a crazy [Read More…]

Jan 052011
10 Great Life Tips for the New year

*note* probably should have posted this right after new years. Maybe I should have added don’t procrastinate to the list. So I decided since it’s a new year it might be interesting to start off learning some new things to make life easier.  Here are some of my tips for life!(Life hacks) along with some of my favorites I found online. (image taken from a outside store in Tallinn, Estonia – see the streaks of snow? – it’s a man with some great ideas – who wants this thing in their house?!? I never did find out if the statue/light [Read More…]

Jan 042011
9 Great Article Submission Directories you need to know

Still on my quest to Monetize social media, I have been digging deeper into some strategies that might work.  To be honest, I have to admit I haven’t done this much reading and WRITING since college.  Wow, I never expected to be a professional writer, but I have to say, since so much of internet marketing seems to involve useful content, you have to get out there and create it! (image of a snow covered tree with a background wall of bricks – the contrast of colors I thought looked quite nice) Moving on with my strategy, I signed up [Read More…]

Jan 032011
Bloggers! You MUST belong to these Social networking sites

**Note it goes without saying that the first 3 Social networking sites you MUST belong to are Facebook (please like my Facebook page – the link is on the right! I REALLY need some fans!), Twitter, and Linkedin** So today I started the laborious process of setting up accounts with some of the other social networking sites. I am doing this for two reasons. First, I am adding links to my website in the profile section of every site (if possible). This will generate backlinks and hopefully increase my Google page rank. I am also doing this so I can [Read More…]

Dec 302010
Wordpress.Org Blog - Some more plugins and Favicon

Well, it’s been an interesting couple of days – still trying to get everything configured on my WordPress.org site.  I’ll tell you about a few things that went smooth, and one horrible entire-day-wasted-resulting-in-me-getting-a-new-theme-activity (aka trying to add a favicon). (image from Stockholm, Sweden – a restaurant on an organic farm.  It was freezing cold outside but the restaurant is actually inside the greenhouse, and is quite warm) Addthis Is a website I came across which was interesting to me.  It allows you to offer a nice button on all of your posts to allow readers to share your blog entries [Read More…]

Dec 272010
4 Essential plugins for a Wordpress.org blog

Installing plugins on a WordPress.org blog is an important step to get your site up and running.  There are 4 essential Plugins I chose to start with.  They are all important for marketing your blog in regards to optimizing it for search engines. (this image was taken in Calcutta, India – this man was selling a delicious street snack.  He requested I take a photo of him – which I think came out nice with the India flag in the background) Google Analyticator Tracking your site stats is important if you hope to monetize your site.  It is also important [Read More…]

Dec 222010
Setting up Bluehost Wordpress.org Site day 1

Step #1 (for me) Set-up new email account for nick@eiconnectlink.com So to begin with I wanted to configure a domain name at my new site http://www.eiconnectlink.com/.  I went into Bluehost’s cPanel and clicked email accounts.  I set up the address nick@eiconnectlink.com (email me!!).  Next I wanted to set it up so I could access this account through Gmail.  This was done with relative east by following the steps in this video: http://tutorials.bluehost.com/gmailpop/ I configured it so it will label incoming messages.  Now I can look at my Gmail account and just filter for messages sent to my eiconnectlink.com account.  Since Bluehost [Read More…]