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I try to use one random image to start off each of my posts. These photographs are all taken by me (or by a friend of me) at various opportune moments (usually while traveling). I would like to think of myself as having an eye for photography, but my camera is a shitty point and click. I figured it might be a good idea to create an image page for all of my photos in case you want to see them all in one place. I also linked the post associated with each image – my reason for choosing each picture is actually quite random.

**HINT: Click the image to view a larger version and the text link below to view the blog entry.

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4 Essential plugins

Setting up Bluehost site

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WordPress.Org Blog Setup

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Life is Strange!

Hootsuite Twitter Tool

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Blog Marketing


Meaning of the Name of this Blog

Introduction and Intent

If you like the images keep checking back! I’ll constantly be adding! Please tweet, like, or share this page! Thanks for reading :) Nick

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