Jan 042011

Still on my quest to Monetize social media, I have been digging deeper into some strategies that might work.  To be honest, I have to admit I haven’t done this much reading and WRITING since college.  Wow, I never expected to be a professional writer, but I have to say, since so much of internet marketing seems to involve useful content, you have to get out there and create it!

(image of a snow covered tree with a background wall of bricks – the contrast of colors I thought looked quite nice)

Moving on with my strategy, I signed up for more services today.  Everything I’m signing up for is part of a directed plan of action to market affiliate products.  If you saw my blog yesterday on Social Networking Sites you MUST belong to then you can see that there is a lot to do when setting up your Web Empire (as I’ve fondly started to think of my project). I even had to devise a spreadsheet system to keep track of all my passwords, user names, etc.

I’ll get more into my research on Affiliate products in a later post, but for now I’ll share with you 9 Great Article Submission Directories.  Articles are a powerful way to gain backlinks for your website.  If you are interested in promoting a website, article marketing is a powerful SEO tool.  The more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the higher it will rank in Google.  Put on your writer’s hats and check out the links below.

*hint, click the image to be directed to their company website for more information – a few of the sites I added a some personal notes.

Ezinearticles is perhaps the top-choice directory, however it takes a few days to get your articles approved (at least before you have successfully submitted 10 articles)

Goarticles is a good choice if you don’t want to wait for Ezinearticles. Goarticles gets your articles published much faster.

Buzzle requires an author application where you actual have to submit some work – after I have a few articles submitted to other directories I will complete the application.

Isnare offers a unique service (which is paid) where they actively distribute your articles to hundreds of other article directories. I will play around with this idea if I start generating sufficient income with article marketing.

With Articleblast there may be a wait time for your account to be activated. I confirmed through an email link but it said my account is still under review. Perhaps this will sort itself out but I wonder if anyone else has had this issue? If so let me know please!

The rest of these sites I didn’t have any specific likes or dislikes (at least immediately) As I start to use them maybe I will have more to say.


Another great feature for these sites is you can use them as a publisher. You can grab any of the articles other people have written and post them on your site. In case you are having trouble generating enough content, this is actually a very good way to make sure your blog is constantly updated. Just make sure to share articles that you think your users would find helpful. Thanks so much for reading! Please comment and please like my Facebook page! I’m trying to get to 25 fans so I can get a custom URL