Click here to read more about this picture and the name of my site Originally from Los Angeles, California I’m currently experiencing what I like to call my quarter-life crisis.  In the past two years I’ve been many places trying to figure out all this amazing world has to offer.  Decided to start this blog as I sit in Helsinki, Finland (hence the name of the blog).  I came here by way of Peru, China, Spain, Morocco, back to China, Korea, back to China, India, back to China, all over China, back to India, back to Los Angeles, here to HEL(L).

I studied Mandarin Chinese for a year in Beijing, a decision which has most definitely changed my life.  This blog is ironically titled because what I most enjoy in life is connecting with people.  It’s incredibly interesting to meet people from such diverse backgrounds and find you have perhaps more commonalities then differences.

My professional background is in e-Commerce.  Working for a family business, I started the internet sales division, was a salesman, a purchasing agent, a customer service representative, a product sourcer, an inventory manager, a website designer (not developer!), a website marketer, a data manager, and a team member.  I realized after much time, that what I liked most about this job was connecting with people from around the U.S. and hearing about their unique situations and learning some about their personalities and motivations.  I handled hundreds of phone calls and emails every week.
I now have decided to start this blog to explore the new methods people are using to connect online, and explore their potential applications from the perspective of a online business.  I hope to explore and learn methods to not only monetize social web media, but also use social web media to enhance user experience, and personalize the entire web.

A newer more detailed post about me: http://www.eiconnectlink.com/2010/12/15/life-is-strange-more-about-me/

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