Aug 132012

Quite a bit of time has passed without any new contributions to this poor out of date site. The reason being I have been so busy with my new eCommerce site I have not had a minute to work on this site. Before I get too far ahead of myself I decided I needed to slow down and analyze a bit what has been going on. It’s time to let all you people out there in internet land learn how to do what I do.

Now it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do this – I won’t lie. I have a LOT of experience running eCommerce sites (coming up on 8 years). I finally decided to tackle one entirely on my own. SEO, Programming, Adwords, Marketing, and all that good stuff. The good news is, I am pushing up on $200,000 in sales and there is still 2 months left in the first year! The bad news is there is so goddamn much to do I don’t have a minute to breath.

Perhaps this blog can once again become a way for me to structure my thoughts and move forward with new ideas. I would love to meet other people interested in discussing this kind of stuff.

Marketing strategy includes eBay,, and sales made through emails and phone calls generated by internet marketing.

So whether you sell Kitchen Faucets, Bathroom Faucets, Wall Mount Faucets or other weird stuff I think I can help. This site is designed to be a laser targeted eCommerce site. You may read in the world of internet marketing how important it is to have your niche. I’ve experimented with this kind of thing before doing affiliate marketing – specifically through Amazon Affilates but I found I could make more money selling my own products.

I happened to have connections in the Faucet and plumbing fixtures world from my previous employment which is why I started this kind of site. With suppliers and product knowledge you can go quite far with just a touch of internet marketing magic. Haha – what that really means is working a lot for not a lot of money. But it can be done.

I don’t really want this blog to turn into some 4 hour work week type thing about how to live your life but I will point out a few interesting tidbits. I am a U.S. citizen currently living in Beijing, China. I have been learning mandarin and supporting myself with selling products to US customers.

You might say, how the hell can you run an ecommerce business all the way from China. Well that’s a good question. Maybe if you stick with me through my sporadic posts I’ll manage to explain more.

Let’s just say step one is you have to have a website that you control. This site as well as Faucetlist – Your home For Faucets and Plumbing Fixtures! are registered through

Bluehost has been awesome to work with and I can’t imagine going anywhere else. is also hosted with Bluehost. Faucetlist is actually hosted by another eCommerce service platform provide that we will get into next time but the domain is still with Bluehost. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR BLUEHOST.COM I know you won’t regret it.

Ok, that’s it for now, btw, sorry for typos or any shit like that. I am not a great proof-reader and I never claimed to be much of a writer either!

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