Sep 022011

A 3 Part sub-post has found it’s way into my “How to start an eCommerce Website” Series.

Post 1: KeePass, KeeFox plugin, Importing your current saved browser passwords.
Post 2: KeePass, Integration with Dropbox.
Post 3: Changing All your existing Passwords to more secure, randomly generated KeePass passwords.

So, You’ve read How to Manage all your online Passwords with KeePass Right? Now it’s time to learn about a cool way to sync your passwords on multiple computers with Dropbox.

If you are unfamiliar with Dropbox, check it out – there are a lot of these syncing programs available and dropbox is one of the best. It’s a great way to share larger files across un-networked computers. Videos especially!

This will allow you to access your saved passwords securely from any computer (of course you need dropbox to be installed first). If your primary computer ever crashes or is stolen, this is an absolute MUST! But it’s also useful for home and office computers – desk and laptop computers – tablet and whatever etc. Dropbox is super cool for many reasons including 2 free gigs of cloud storage – but make sure to check out some of it’s surprise abilities – one of which is How to sync with KeePass!

Now all you have to do is Move your database file to your dropbox folder. The file will have a name you assigned with a .kdbx ending – ex: Database.kdbx You can also go to file, save-as, and point the file path to dropbox.

Now you can open KeePass on your other computers and have all your stored passwords at your fingertips! Just remember the one MASTER password and you are good to go.

A quick note, KeePass will not update passwords while open. You will need to close and re-open it in order for the sync to take place. This may affect you if you forget to close and re-open KeePass after adding new Passwords. One computer may be missing certain passwords. It could be annoying if you are not aware so keep that in mind.

Next we’ll talk a little about organization of KeePass Passwords and how to go about resetting all of your existing passwords which you already Imported to KeePass from your Web Browser.

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