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Check Out these 7 Great ways to get Backlinks, increase your Search Engine Rank, and get traffic!

So you’ve set up a site and you want some traffic. Better yet, you want some FREE traffic. Getting backlinks is the internet marketer’s equivalent to having a squeaky-wheel-gets-the-grease-having-a-toddler-type-temper-tantrum so Google pays attention to you. Social Media Marketing involves getting backlinks to rank your website. eMarketing is a war that must be fought on many fronts. Blog marketing strategies, eCommerce marketing strategies, internet marketing strategies, etc. all must be wary of the weight that Google places on backlinks and their importance in affecting your search engine rankings. Backlinks serve as endorsements for your site. To read some more, check-out Backlinks and strategies for building the perfect Back link. Once you have understood that your web presence and social media marketing strategy demand that you build some backlinks, the obvious question that comes to mind is: how to build backlinks? You will soon realize (like me! haha) that your site is probably 10x better than others out there in its niche, but it is no where to be found in search engine results. You know what the perfect backlink is, but you have no hope of getting any of those for free (at least in the early stages of your websites existence) – so where do you start? Start at the beginning and keep reading! This article will teach you some great ways to build FREE quality backlinks to your website.

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Internal backlinks

Internal backlinking seems a lot like getting a job recommendation from your Mom, however a recommendation is still a recommendation. Just because you recommend yourself, doesn’t mean this is completely irrelevant. Think of it as being confident. If you don’t have any faith in your own site, why should others? At least from Google’s standpoint, a website with good internal, anchor text linking, can give the search engines a better clue that your site has good information to offer, and that your overall site content might be also useful. Google can be more confident that if send an information seeker over to your site from the organic search, that user will likely be pleased at all the useful and amazing content on your whole website, not just the page they land on. Internal linking tells Google that you KNOW the entire site will be relevant because you are linking between pages yourself.



Blog Commenting

Blog comments are another way to get your greedy hands on some juicy, low-hanging backlinks. First off, to employ this tactic, you must learn the difference between a “do-follow” link and a “no-follow” link. No-follow links are links that the webmaster of the site you are on has told Google “I don’t know what the hell these links are, don’t assume I’m recommending them.” It turns out, Google will follow them anyways, but “generally” won’t give them too much weight. Keep in mind, no-follow links in a highly relevant niche may have a positive effect.

A do-follow link is really what you are looking for. If you leave a comment on a do-follow blog, this will transfer a little of that website’s PR juice over to you (as it acts as a small endorsement of your site). Keep in mind, if there are a lot of comments, the benefit to you will not be very great as the PR will be spread out amongst all the commentators. With some persistence and hard work, commenting can help your search rankings. It also is a good way to get involved in the community your website deals with – so in some ways blog commenting can accomplish two things at once. You learn, network, interact, and also benefit your search results.

http://followlist.com/ Is a helpful site for finding do-follow blogs to comment on.

Keep in mind, Only getting do-follow links will look un-natural. When building links you want to look as natural as possible and get a variety of links from all types of sources. Blog commenting can be beneficial in many ways, so don’t spend too much time worrying whether the comment section is a do or no follow. Just jump in.

Another idea is to comment on Squidoo lenses and Hubpages Hubs. Posting comments on sites like these can be a great asset to you, as Google tends to give them good page rank, which can transfer to you!

Another thing to consider, is if you’re commenting, the blog writer him/her self will probably click your link. If your site is truly fascinating and interesting, they might actually start following your work, and maybe even link to you directly in the future. So if you participate in commenting you may see greater benefits as time progresses.



Link Directories

Link directories are pretty easy. You can copy in your site and anchor text and get a backlink! If you submit to too many directories, too fast, with the same anchor text, you will run the risk of looking unnatural. Try varying the keywords in your anchor text (maybe targeting some secondary or tertiary keywords) and space out how many you submit each day.

The link juice from directories is not so great either, but a lot of low quality backlinks can add up. They are so easy that over you can definitely gain some easy link juice. Below are some good directories to start with. From what I have researched, the directories below seem to pass some juice on to your site.

Starting Point
Best of The Web
Librarians’ Internet Index



Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to not only improve your backlink portfolio, but also as a way to drive traffic. If you write an article about the niche your website is in, you can put an anchor-text good ole fashioned back link directing readers to your site. Not only might you get some traffic from the readers of the article, but you will also get a strong anchored backlink for your website.

Just a note, make sure to vary your anchor text in your article marketing as it will start to look unnatural if every single article Google finds directs people to your site with the exact same text. If you’re confused about this part, read my previous article as it has a great section about The perfect backlink and information about good anchor text.

Also, if you write good articles, it’s possible that a webmaster or publisher will pick up your article. This could give you yet another backlink!



Forum Commenting

Forums are another easy way to grab links, however the problem is quite similar to comment marketing. If you make a comment in a forum that has 100s of other comments, you will get very little, if any at all, link juice. Another issue is that when forum posts fall into the archives, the page ranks drop and your one little comment on a 100 comment forum will be just about worthless.

However, don’t discount the validity of forums as a method to gain social proof. Using number of forum comments to imply authority can be a powerful way to get people to link to your site. Most forums track the number of posts you have made – and if that number is very high, you will appear to be a real expert. If you see someone in a forum with 10000 posts, and you are just joining, you will think they must know a lot. This is not always the case and you can take advantage of this fact.  Staying involved in a forum’s discussion, users will see your number of posts as well as your signature (with link to your site). This can drive traffic and possibly result in some natural backlinks if you’ve established yourself as an authority.

For a good place to find forums having conversations about what is going on in your niche, take a look through Google Groups.

A good side effect to using Google Groups, is that Google ranks the sites based on their perceived authority. You want your comments going up on the highest authority sites in your niche, so start at the top and work your way down.



Guest Posts

This is a great way to get your name out there as an authority in your niche in front of a friendly audience. If people are already following a blog, you will have social proof from the author (who they already respect) and will have a greater chance of actually getting your whole post read through to the end. By the way, if anyone has made it this far through this LOONNNGG blog post, please comment! Guest posting for a respected site is a great way to get your name (and website) recognized, and as a side benefit, you also get a very nice backlink. Because you are doing that blogger a favor by writing an amazing guest post, you are well within your rights to ask for a quality anchor-text backlink!

A guest post can be a great way to introduce yourself to the A-List, authority bloggers in your niche. Getting on their radar will be very beneficial, especially considering if they like your post and choose to share it, you have potential to reach a large number of readers. Not only would these readers probably already be in your niche, they also would see the authority blogger’s recommendation as social proof that you are an authority in your own right. If you are perceived as an authority, you are also perceived as “linkable” and you may end up with some additional natural backlinks.



Social Bookmarking sites

I did a post awhile back about Social Networking sites. Many of these are Social bookmarking sites. A personal favorite of mine is Reddit. If you happen to write a great article that goes viral and makes it to the front page of a site like Reddit, you will inevitably receive lots and lots of backlinks as people share the site. Also, as Google has recently stated that they will take Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter into account when determining search rank, having something you have written get Reddit front page exposure would work wonders for your search engine results.

If nothing else, social bookmarking is an important way to keep your articles and posts indexed by Google – but that is a topic for another blog post.

Google’s take on backlink building

Since in the end, by gaining backlinks you are trying to please Google, you might actually want to listen to what they have to say on the subject. Here’s a video actually made by Google with some ideas for getting backlinks in ways that do not violate Google’s policies.


These are some great FREE ways to build backlinks. There are a whole slew of paid ways that we can talk about in a future post. If you’ve had any success with paid back links, please let me know!

Internal backlinks
Blog Commenting
Link Directories
Article Marketing
Forum Commenting
Guest Posts
Social Bookmarking sites

Make use of all of these outlets and grow your number of visitors and expand your influence.  Once your site has some visitors your plan to monetize it might actually work!  A comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy must include building backlinks.  Hope this post was helpful!  Please share, comment, whatever :) Nick

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  1. Thanks Nick, It’s nice to read your article ! Especially when I’m at the point to jump into all these subjects :) If you know more about social media vs photography/video (Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, …) and how to play with it in a creative way …. let me know :) Greetins out of Saigon 😉

  2. There is SO much information out there I am trying to filter it down to the most important steps early on. I will definitely keep a look out for information on that sort of thing. I would recommend searching for Vlogging (or video blogging). There are a LOT of people out there doing this these days and there are definitely some good ideas floating around.

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