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*note* probably should have posted this right after new years. Maybe I should have added don’t procrastinate to the list.

So I decided since it’s a new year it might be interesting to start off learning some new things to make life easier.  Here are some of my tips for life!(Life hacks) along with some of my favorites I found online.

(image taken from a outside store in Tallinn, Estonia – see the streaks of snow? – it’s a man with some great ideas – who wants this thing in their house?!? I never did find out if the statue/light was anatomically correct in the front haha)

Tip#1: Cooking is the process of turning ingredients into Food.  Don’t buy any food from a box or a can or anything with a label that has any ingredients you don’t know (or can’t pronounce).  Stick to fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts etc.  You will feel better, look better, lose weight, and be more productive.

Tip#2: Drink more water.  Helps with all sorts of things – higher energy levels, healthy skin, digestive problems, lowers, cancer risk, cures headaches, cleanses the body, lowers heart disease risk – AND prevents hangovers (anybody else forget that one this past new years eve?)

Tip#3: To-do lists.  I actually never used them, but my girlfriend got me into this.  It’s great because it’s a way to take things off your mind.  If you’re working on something but also trying to remember all the other things you have to do a list can get all of that clutter out of your brain.  Ta Da List is a good site for this.

Tip#4: Spend time offline.  Lately I’ve been ignoring this one.  I’ve been knee-deep in research on internet marketing, blog marketing, facebook marketing, social media tools, and social networking sites.  It’s hard to process all that information without some downtime.  In fact I plan to spend a good long time later today with a big piece of blank paper and a pen trying to structure everything I’ve learned making a Mind Map.

Tip#5: Single Task. It’s so easy to try to do a million things all at once. Give one thing all your attention until it is finished, then move on to the next. Chances are you will do a better job at a task while giving it your full attention. This is easier said than done! While working managing an eCommerce store I was always on the phone with suppliers and customers, while trying to read emails, manage my team, work on marketing and design, having meeting constantly being interrupted with phone calls etc. It’s a wonder anything got done.

Tip#6: If you’re reading this in a place where it’s very cold outside (as it is here in Finland) you can use outside as your refrigerator! Living most of my life in Los Angeles I never knew if you had warm beer, putting it outside would make it cold quicker than the refrigerator. A lot of people might already know this but to me it’s new! For extra points use a pile of snow to hold your bottles.

Tip#7: For people who don’t live in a cold place right now, there is another, more scientific way to get your beers cold in 3 minutes. Put the cans in a pot with ice. Add 2 cups of salt and then fill the pot with water. In 3 minutes the cans will be ice cold. You could scale this plan to work with a cooler also – never tried it but it might have some use while camping.

Tip#8: Have a system to not forget to bring important things. This would have helped me with my recent glasses situation. Put important things on your shoes, or with your keys so you can’t forget them. If you try to get in your car without your keys, you’ll be forced to go back and see the thing you were also supposed to bring! On a side note, a system for where to keep your keys is important. My mom is notorious for losing her’s even though there’s a key hook right near the door in my parents house. On a tangent, I also got her as a gift a little beeper thing you put on your key chain. You press a button on a small remote and go looking for the beeping. She proceeded to lose the remote *sigh (I still love her though!)

Tip#9: Staying motivated. If you want to get something done, there’s nothing better than bragging to your friends about it first. Then you will feel the pressure to actually do what you say or be subject to ridicule.

Tip#10: Find out how the hell people are making money online! Everything seems like some weird pyramid scam. I’m trying to figure out what is really going on because the best Life Hack I can think of is to be able to make money working from anywhere. I love traveling and want to work a flexible schedule (I’m a bit of a night owl so waking up for an early morning commute is rough). If you learn this secret please share it (with me only).

Bonus Tip: Like me on Facebook because I need fans – and it will help me help you (is that a Jerry McGuire reference? wow.) Thanks for reading! Comment if you have any other Life tips.

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