Dec 222010

Step #1 (for me) Set-up new email account for

So to begin with I wanted to configure a domain name at my new site  I went into Bluehost’s cPanel and clicked email accounts.  I set up the address (email me!!).  Next I wanted to set it up so I could access this account through Gmail.  This was done with relative east by following the steps in this video: I configured it so it will label incoming messages.  Now I can look at my Gmail account and just filter for messages sent to my account.  Since Bluehost allows unlimited email accounts this is a nice way to organize everything in one place.

(image of an interestingly lit underpass in Otaniemi, Finland)

Step #2 Install WordPress

This really couldn’t have been easier.  I’m very impressed.  I went into Bluehost’s cPanel and clicked WordPress under software/services. It’s really self explanatory but I watched the video tutorial (here ) anyways just to be sure.  Within a few minutes, my site was up, looking quite a bit like my site.

Step #3 Export my blog and import it to my new blog on

So this step was also easier than anticipated.  I first went to my site and under the dashboard went to Tools => export.  I downloaded the export file to my hard drive.  I then went to import on my site dashboard, clicked WordPress, then uploaded and imported the file.  I had to do a few easy tweaks, such as deleting the default “about” page set up by  Once I imported my blog, my other about page was added so there were two.  Once deleted, my site looks pretty much like it did before minus some of the customization I did before.  All the content looks good and all my images and links were transfered along with the blog posts.

One odd thing seems to have happened to my images sizes however.  It appears that the images I resized previously within my blog posts, have exploded back to their original sizes. I went in and manually tried to resize everything back to how I intended it to appear.   That actually didn’t work and I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I realized my new blog is just linking to the images uploaded to my blog site media library.  Apparently during the export, none of the image files in the media library transferred.  I confirmed this by checking my media library and found it empty.  In order to rectify this situation, I am re-uploading the pictures to my blog and editing the entries.  Although this doesn’t seem to really make a difference in the look of the blog, I wanted everything to be hosted on my new site in case I decide to take down my original blog.

One other small glitch to note, was I had inserted a post in my first blog. has an easy way to insert TED videos.  They apparently have a deal where all you need to insert is a very short reference to the video (in my case “[ted id=319]” was all that was needed.  Using I had to grab the full code to embed the video, but that was quite easy. I just viewed the HTML of my post and copied it in.

Last, I also noticed my permalinks had changed.  I had to simple adjust the setting to the date/keyword formula I used before and this issue corrected itself.


That’s all I have time for today, more posts to come on plug-ins and customization.

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