Nov 242010

Because I’m currently in Finland I’ve learning a (very) little of the language.  Ei is the Finnish word for no.  I have a bit of an ironic streak I’ll admit and so first off the meaning is something like “not connect link” – which is of course the opposite of the point of the internet and furthermore the opposite of the point of social media marketing, which thrives on established and establishing connections.  It also is a bit of a play on how everything having to do with the internet and technology is something like “e” this or “i” e.g. eCommerce, iphone etc.  My gravatar image for this blog (shown above) is taken from the Helsinki museum of contemporary art.  It is me in front of a large “Ei” sculpture.  Here’s a side view of the same sculpture.

I’ve gotten some comments about why am I flipping everybody off in the picture above.  It’s also supposed to be a bit ironic and maybe a little provocative.   Since what I really want is to connect with you, this image is supposed to send a bit of a mixed message and make you think about the name a little more.  It’s truly not intended to be offensive! (unless it turns out after we connect, I don’t like you 😛  haha).  Seriously though, I appreciate you taking the time to check out this blog and encourage you to give me as much feedback as possible (comments please!)

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